Image of Senior Leaders Conference 2022 - Mark Finnis - Day delegate Friday 14th October

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12th – 14th October 2022

Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa, Windermere

Specific requirements

The Day Delegate is open to all teaching staff who would like to attend for the day.

What will I study?

Mark Finnis

If you could find a way to improve school behaviour whilst also building better relationships and ensuring your school values are actually lived, then why wouldn’t you grab it?

Fortunately, such an approach is within reach. It’s called Restorative Practice and Mark Finnis, one of its leading proponents in the UK, is one of our top speakers and Associates.

Whilst RP’s close relation, Restorative Justice, is an approach to dealing with the fall out when things go wrong, limiting the damage, stopping things escalating and working to ensure whatever happened doesn’t happen again, Mark's work is all about getting the ethos, culture and relationships right in the first place. It’s an approach he not only takes to schools across the country but to local government, social services and children’s services too.

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